Pack a Snack for the Boys and Girls Club

Toddlers and Kids on a mission helped to support the Boys and Girls Club that serves an average of 5,000 youth every day throughout the greater Milwaukee area.  Their mission is to provide safety and support during critical hours of the day as well as meals, strong role models, organized athletics and access to the arts. Our families worked together last Saturday morning decorating 180 snack bags and then packing them full of healthy snacks.  The snack bags are distributed to children in the Boys and Girls Club who miss the dinner in their after-school program or may not eat when they arrive home.

Trick or Treat at St John’s on the Lake

“You know, so much has changed in the last 50 years but the one thing that remains the same is the sound of children laughing”. -A resident friend of ours…

On Halloween our 5th annual Trick or Treat event took place at Saint John’s on the Lake. Each year we go back on October 31st to trick or treat with the residents and staff and celebrate another year of volunteer! This year we celebrated 4 years as an organization and the amazing partnership we have with Saint John’s, we are reminded that our children can do great things!