MLK Jr. National Day of Service 2018

We celebrate National Days of Service on Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and 9/11 Day of Remembrance. These were started by the Corporation for National and Community Service. This year, for MLK Day we met to pack On the Go Bags for our Milwaukee neighbors who are homeless. This is a project that we started with HELP last year. Families brought in cash or item donations and then everyone moved through the tables packing bags with toiletries and other things. Some families brought home a bag to give out and the majority of bags were given to Mr. Bob’s Under the Bridge

9/11 National Day of Service: Veteran Care Kits

The September 11th National Day of Service and Remembrance is the culmination of efforts originally launched in 2002 by the nonprofit 9/11 Day with wide support by the 9/11 community and leading national service organizations. This effort first established the inspiring tradition of engaging in charitable service on 9/11 as an annual and forward-looking tribute to the 9/11 victims, survivors, and those who rose up in service in response to the attacks.

— Corporation for National and Community Service (

The Saturday before 9/11 Day 2017, families from Toddlers and Kids on a Mission and Human Equality Love Project gathered in that spirit of giving many of us witnessed in 2001. We packed 50+ veteran care kits. Along with the extra supplies, those kits will be given to the Milwaukee VA Medical Center for distribution to local vets in need. Veteran Stu made a special appearance for a read aloud and passed out books for all our helpers to take home. 

Meet and Greet 2017, Q&A About Toddlers and Kids on a Mission

20+ families gathered for our second annual Meet and Greet. The purpose of this event was so parents and kids could socialize and also so we could introduce ourselves, in person, to families who were curious about us but haven’t jumped in. We know this event didn’t cover all of you so here’s a digital meet and greet for those who missed out. *If you’d like to feel more like you were there, please ask your child to blow bubbles by your side as you read and feel free to sip on coffee or munch on a frozen popsicle.*

A HUGE thanks to all the families that donated supplies for the children at Our Next Generation. 

Q:  When do you have missions?

A:  We have to schedule them according to the needs and availability of our partner organizations. After that, we consider what would be most convenient for our families. Everyone on our leadership is a parent and so they consider the need of their family’s schedule. Project managers who are working parents or who have older kids tend to schedule weekend and after-school events. Other project managers consider daytime, weekday events ideal and plan around the all important nap. We also factor in attendance at prior events. If we have consistently low turn out for a certain time-frame, we are less likely to schedule more events then. 

Q:  How old should my child be before they volunteer?

A:  We have children as young as infants at events. Their parents are happy to be participating in a service opportunity in a welcome, supportive, and understanding environment. They are building their network of like-minded parents and starting a lifelong tradition with their child. We encourage parents to join us when they feel ready and when they feel their child is ready.

Q: How do you choose your events?

A: We believe in partnering with established and effective Milwaukee agencies.  We look for events that will allow children a chance to genuinely help and also get to know lots of different neighborhoods and people in our city. We also keep a careful eye on current events and topical concerns of families and parents. Many of our project managers have come to us because they have a passion for certain topics and will design events for our families accordingly.

Q:  I would love to join your leadership team. How does that work?

A: You are welcome to join us and we want to help you decide if we are a right fit for you. Our board looks at big picture issues and is responsible for our fiscal health. Our leadership team is made of all our project managers who plan and lead events. Please email [email protected] to start a conversation.