Gardening for Good – ADOPT A WEEK – Parkway

Herbs, eggplant, strawberries, squash, tomatoes, and so much more!

All of these delicious treats await the sun, water, and care by our very own KIC families who will tend to the gardens with our ADOPT-A-WEEK project.

Thank you to all of the families who have come out so far this summer to fill our garden beds with plants that we hope will bear many fruits, veggies, and herbs to share with Kinship Community Food Center later this summer and fall.

Your helping hands and loving hearts will help nourish the bodies and souls of our neighbors.

There’s still time for your family to ADOPT A WEEK with the Gardening for Good project.

Hoop House – September

We had a wonderful morning harvesting vegetables for Groundwork Milwaukee at the Hoop Houses on Tuesday, September 1! Two families joined us for the morning with two 4 years olds and a 6 year old! We started out picking over 30 pounds of cherry tomatoes and ended the morning with harvesting almost 10 pounds of kale! All produce was then packed into a van that takes it to the Riverwest Food Pantry to be distributed to families in need. This was a fun project to stay socially distant and yet make a big impact in our community! 

Hoop Houses – July 9

KIC partnered with Northwestern Mutual volunteers for another project at the Hoop Houses! Our five families were eager to learn about the produce grown in the hoop houses and ready to help out. We planted milkweed seeds in a field to attract butterflies to the grounds, painted tiles for the garden bed, took turns watering the flowers, and observed all the bugs at the Hoop Houses like pill bugs and caterpillars!

Hoop Houses- June 25

KIC partnered with Northwestern Mutual volunteers to help out at the Hoop Houses located at the Maglio Tomato building! We were so thankful to have four families join us! Our morning was filled with painting beautiful boards that will eventually be used for garden beds at the site. Miss Lisa, an experienced art teacher in the area, was so helpful in teaching the young kids techniques for their painting! Families also got to harvest cabbage and learn about the process of weighing the produce before it goes to the Riverwest Food Pantry!

Hoop House – June 11

We started our summer off at the Hoop Houses located at the Maglio Tomato building! Five families joined us including 6 two year olds, 3 five year olds, and a 16 year old! Our morning started off with a tour of what was planted in each Hoop House and details about Riverwest Food Pantry, where the produce would eventually be taken to. We then got our hands dirty by planting Marigolds in nearby flower beds. We also got to paint the flower beds to bring a little bit of sunshine from the hands of our kids! We look forward to seeing the garden grown over the next few months!