Third Saturday August: St. Vincent de Paul

We volunteer frequently and we want our children to believe that volunteering is a natural part of life just like going to school, visiting Great Grandma Shirley in Texas, and brushing their teeth. Every experience is different for our family and we believe that every time does not have to be a huge light-bulb/a-ha/mountain top moment. So, this is what our family took away from volunteering at St. Vincent de Paul in August:

My husband recalled his college days working in food service in the dorms. He had an especially proud  moment when he realized he could use an ice cream scoop to serve rice.

I served dinner to a man handling a solo parenting night with his kids and a few of their friends (6 kids in total). He didn’t sit down for long but all of the children were well-behaved, kind, and he kept a smile on his face the whole time. RESPECT.

Our extroverted son got to talk to lots of people and really enjoyed wolfing down leftover brownies when he thought we weren’t looking.

Our daughter felt very important serving the lettuce. When she got her dinner at the end she really loved it. (Nice job, Jobea!)


The dining room is in need of more coffee mugs for visitors. If you have any mugs that you could spare in your cabinet, please contact me ( and I’ll pick them up.

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