A new year, a new session, new faces, new friendships and many, many laughs and smiles. THAT is how our new year has begun at Saint John’s on the Lake.  Our playgroup has soared to places we never dreamed of, going strong for 15 months! 

When I hear quotes from the residents at Saint John’s like “A laugh is worth a million words” or “That boy with all the energy right there, he needs TWO mom’s” my heart can’t help but just melt.  Quotes like these show us that the residents are engaged, they are participating and simply benefiting from our young, lively and spirited kids!

When our TOAM children ask me if specific Saint John’s members “will be here today” or when I see our children physically help “decorate” our resident friends with beads and hats and blowers {for a new year’s countdown and celebration} we know that this very unique playgroup is better than ever.

This partnership is a two way street, both parties benefiting tremendously from the time spent together.  Although our children are young now, I know over time, the lessons they learn from these cross generational experiences will be used in their young adult future and partnership building endeavors!!