KIDS on a Mission: Riverwest Food Pantry

We’re a community of generosity. We’re all here to give and we’re all here to receive.

This is how Samantha, the volunteer leader, started out our morning at Riverwest Food Pantry. We are so grateful to her and the rest of the staff and visitors at RFP for welcoming our organization. We were treated the same as everyone else there- we were expected to help, to follow the rules, and to be kind. This was our first event for the Kids on a Mission and that level of responsibility and expectation was exactly what kids in the elementary age group need to start their lives in service. Kids have a true sense of fairness (although they might not always practice that with their siblings) and it really is our duty to empower them to become those change-makers we know they can be! 

RFP is a dynamic, necessary part of our Milwaukee community and we hope to return again early in 2017. We would encourage you to check them out on their website, to visit them as a family, or to consider making a donation. They are in great need of shopping carts (they raffle them off), new underwear, socks, and have an especially great need for men’s clothing. They receive donated clothing Wednesday and Friday mornings between 9-11am at their St. Casimir site. Food donations are taken at their St. Casimir site Wednesday, Friday or Saturday mornings between 8-11am. 


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