Bookmarks and Bag Lunches

Thirteen spirited children, six patient moms, 25 lunches packed and delivered, 25 bookmarks made on a gorgeous Milwaukee summer morning.

Giving back to our community and building relationships is the essence of TOAM. Both were evident in every aspect of today’s mission.

TOAM finished the final Sack Pack for Kids Working to Succeed at All People’s Church, and we created bookmarks to share with incoming students at Carter Christian Academy in Milwaukee. Some retired friends of mine at Burleigh Elementary collected books and put together a full school library at the urban charter school. We hope our children’s bookmarks will bring smiles to the students’ faces and encourage reading. TOAM thanks Marge, Cathy, Fran and Phylis for their dedication to students within the metro area, books and building a welcoming library.

Volunteering today with the kids was fulfilling, but equally heartwarming was the opportunity to connect with other moms who came together for the same mission. There were two babies born within the past month, a 12 year-old and children of all ages in between. My almost one year-old screamed quite possibly every time I moved a foot away from her. Each mom had her own challenge of making today work for her family, and this too, we had in common. It was a really good feeling knowing we are in this crazy, wonderful world together.

Please join TOAM this Saturday (August 6th) from 9:30-11:00 at Cahill Park to meet some of the TOAM families. We would love to have you join us for future missions.

Lynn (mom of Mia and Annie)

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