Birdhouse Bonanza

Sometimes our brains get stuck on one idea and we will not rest until that idea has been realized. 

Today, we decorated birdhouses and cards. When all the paint blobs dry those birdhouses will be given as surprise gifts to our neighbors. My children have plotted who gets their “masterpiece” for a week now! It will be a small-scale act of community building that I hope will teach my children that kindness and giving can happen right on their own street.

Originally, our plan was different. We wanted to partner with a local green-space, decorate using birdhouses, and use our kidpower to clean up any litter we found. Try as we might, the plan just did not want to come together. It was hard to let go of our idea but what sprang from that disappointment ended up being very beautiful. 

After everyone arrived this morning, I briefly stood apart from the group with my daughter and we looked at all the families who had gathered in our backyard. We both agreed that we were so lucky to host this event that was building community as we worked and will continue to do so as we give our birdhouses away.

-Jean Heffernan, Co-founder


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