St. John’s on the Lake

I would be fibbing if I said I wasn’t a little nervous about bringing my 22 month old and 5 month old to our first “TOAM at Home” experience.  My 2 year old James is a wonderfully busy and inquisitive little man and would need much attention in our new friends home.  Katie, my 3 month would also need attention, how would this go? 

It didn’t take but one minute to feel fully welcomed and at ease when we arrived at Lynn’s home to make Halloween cookies and crafts.  Later that week we had our second TOAM experience, “TOAM Time” at St John’s nursing home where we delivered these creations to the seniors.  It was an amazing time.  To see our little ones deliver treat bags filled with baked goodies and Halloween cards to seniors who just appreciate a visit and a smile was heart warming! 

Since our first experience we have been a part of each TOAM event and I hear quotes like this at least once a day by my son James who is now two and half. 

“I had sooo much fun at Mia’s house”

“I make crafts with all my friends”

“I go to the senior center”

“I sing songs for all the grandmas and grandpas”

“I had lotsa raisins at my friends house”

TOAM is working, our little ones are learning what it means to spread cheer, what it means to give back to those in our community and we all certainly enjoy the beautiful chaos that occurs while all of this happens.  Not only do both of my children thrive at TOAM experiences but as a stay at home mom looking to feel as though I am part of my community, it’s just the perfect fit!  TOAM is relaxed yet organized and we are so proud to be a part of it. 

-Allie, mom of James and Katie

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