Aurora Medical Center in Grafton: How It Came Together

Where could we spread some cheer?

Sometimes our TOAM mission location is chosen because an organization is responsive. Other times, a TOAM mom has background experience that leads her to suggest volunteering in a certain place. This time it was both. 

Allie made contact with the Manager of Patient Experience and Volunteer Services at Aurora Medical Center in Grafton about a possible TOAM mission and they quickly settled on a location for the event and a date.

How do we get everyone to a gathering?

After the date was set, we brainstormed what we could do within our time-frame (max. 30 minutes because toddlers are involved) at the center. We chose two crafts and reserved a room at our local library to create. We sent out a Google Doc asking TOAM participants to sign up to bring supplies, snacks, and for a mom to read a story and sing a few songs.


Moms and kids created the crafts at the library. Truly our crafts are chosen for economy and attention-span. As you can see in the photos, our rainbow was made with streamers and cheap cotton balls. We knew someone would have streamers in their house that could be used and that children love glue. Sounds like a great project. For our daffodils, we pre-cut the flowers and all the kids needed to do was paint. Paint the pots, the table, themselves…

The Event

We arranged to meet with our contact at the center and then we were quickly off to the cafeteria to decorate. Like all of our visits, they last just a short while so the entertainment and fun levels stay high before snack requests and diaper change needs set in.

Let’s Wrap it Up!

Post visit, we sent an email out to volunteers with some photos and possible next dates for a mission. These are the easiest emails to send since we’re usually on such a positive note from the event and can’t wait to meet again!


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