Fundraising Events


Save the Date!

Giving Tuesday is coming up on November 30, 2021, a day where we come together to unleash generosity. We are thrilled to announce that Milwaukee-based law firm, von Briesen & Roper, s.c., has generously partnered with us, matching donations you make to KIC on Giving Tuesday, up to $1,500, doubling the impact of your donations! Stay tuned for more details coming in a separate email and on our social media accounts closer to Giving Tuesday.

Where does your money go when you support KIC?

We are able to provide projects throughout the year at no cost to our participating families and we are 100% volunteer-run. We rely on your financial support to continue to be able to run these projects and provide unique, accessible and high quality opportunities for our families, and to serve with our 50+ community partners throughout Milwaukee.

On average, each service project costs $200. In an effort to be inclusive of all families, we do not charge a membership fee. We seek to offer all of our projects at no charge to our participating families. We rely solely on the donations we receive through our community. Your financial support helps cover the cost of each of our unique opportunities to help children realize their potential for positively impacting our great community. Your contribution will allow us to continue offering a broad range of family service opportunities and sustain our work for the future.