Re-branding FAQs

Why did you change the name to Kids Impact Community (KIC)?

Toddlers and Kids on a Mission (TOAM) renamed to Kids Impact Community (KIC) to better reflect the powerful work we do within our community of metro Milwaukee and to represent the broad range of service projects we offer that are welcoming to all families and suitable to the developmental level of kids from birth to tween.
The name Kids Impact Community is ACTIVE and RECIPROCAL! The work of our children and families generously serves a variety of agencies and individuals throughout metro Milwaukee. And we recognize the reciprocal value of this work as it can profoundly influence the perceptions of our children, expand their experiences and mobilize their strengths for doing good — fulfilling our vision of instilling the belief in our children that they are responsible for and capable of being dynamic and change-making citizens within their community.

What was wrong with Toddlers and Kids on a Mission (TOAM)?

The name Toddlers and Kids on a Mission (TOAM) has served us very well as we have grown from offering one mission in 2014 to 88 missions in 2018. However, the name was too long and difficult to remember. In fact, it was often modified or shortened by others (“that toddler group,” “TKOAM,” “Kids on a Mission,” and “Toddlers on a Mission”). We want a name that reflects the impactful work we do and implies the broader age range of children participating through our organization.

With the name Kids Impact Community, we intend to maintain consistency of the acronym (KIC) and ease of use of our name.

What is unique about the new logo?

The logo shows the imprint that kids can make on and receive from our greater community. We have kept orange as our primary color and have added turquoise blue as a secondary color. The design was created by J. Blackwell Design.

How long have you been working on the new name and logo?

The process to change our name and create a new logo was a mindful, intentional move that began over a year prior to our launch date of July 1, 2019. Several Board and Leadership Team members suggested the consideration of renaming/rebranding, and a dedicated committee took on the project.

Where will we see the new name and logo?

SAVE THE DATE! Kids Impact Community will host a KIC-Off Launch Party on Sunday, August 25th from 4:00-6:00 at Maslowski Park in Glendale. You will see our new name and logo on t-shirts, bags, aprons and other fantastic swag! Shop Here!

Our website and social media pages will include our new logo and name as of July 1, 2019. Our new website will be: and email addresses for Board and Leadership Team members will be [first name]

Our TOAM website url ( will still work for several months, but visitors will be redirected to our new website url ( Emails sent to [first name] will automatically forward to the new email address for that individual.

What will you call “missions” now?

“Projects” are the new “missions.” Our leaders are called “Project Leaders.”

Will the organization work or operate differently because of the name and logo change?

No, this name change does not change who we are, what we do, nor who we partner with. We will maintain strong community partnerships and provide quality, diverse programming to impact metro Milwaukee and our families. We are fully committed to our same mission, vision and values.

We are excited about the continued growth and sustainability of our organization, Kids Impact Community (KIC).


Kid-Friendly Frequently Asked Questions 

Why did you change the name?

We changed our name because we felt like our old name was not telling everyone who we really are.  We wanted our name to be truthful and we want it to be easy for us and for other people to remember: we are a group of kids and families who make a difference and build friendships in the community around us.  And our group includes kids of many ages!

KIC is fun! How did you come up with the new name?

Our adult leaders talked for a long time, went to a lot of meetings, asked a lot of questions, and talked with kids who have been part of our group since it started -- and we came up with a lot of ideas along the way.  In the end, we chose Kids Impact Community as the best name!

What does the word “impact” mean?

The word “impact” has a few meanings. In Kids Impact Community, the word means to make positive change, to make a difference and to have the power to help.  We wanted to use a word that started with the letter “I” so we could create a fun and easy-to-remember acronym or abbreviation: KIC!

What does the word “community” mean?

“Community” means all the people living in an area or a group or groups of people who share common interests or goals.  Our community includes the people in our neighborhoods, our schools and our city. People in communities help each other and solve problems together. By working together, communities can solve problems that are too big for one person to solve. Communities become stronger when people work together for the common good.

Do kids still get to help others?

Yes!  Kids and families will still get to help others, just like we always have.  And we can’t wait to hear everyone’s new ideas, create new projects and see all the new ways we can work together to make an impact in our Milwaukee community!

Will there be new shirts?

Yes! There will be new shirts, new bags, new stickers and more!  We want you to wear your shirt proudly and help us spread the word about Kids Impact Community!