Partner Mission with MOPS WFB: Baby Shower in a Bag

Thank you to everyone from the MOPS and TOAM families who showed up to pack bags or who saw our calls for donations online and pitched in! Today we delivered 15 stuffed bags, a box full of gently used baby clothes, a cute shower poster, and 4 baby bathtubs to the Women’s Health Clinic at Aurora-Sinai hospital.

Last summer, we read an article about Milwaukee’s infant mortality rate crisis and the lack of clinics in the most needed zip codes that are helping to address this issue. We found one of clinics though, to see what we could do. The Women’s Health Clinic and Midwifery and Wellness Center at Aurora-Sinai Hospital creates cohorts of expectant moms which provides camaraderie and education all of this combats infant mortality. Typically, at the end of the cohort, the staff at the clinic will purchase baby shower items out of their own pocket books. With them, we decided this is where we could help.

With MOPS of Whitefish Bay, we hosted an event that encouraged parents to donate new baby items around the theme of “bath-time.” Since the little ones couldn’t just pack bags, we created stations to keep them working! We started with a read aloud and then everyone took their choice of things to do: Making a thumbprint baby shower poster, creating cards for the moms, the ever-important snack table, caterpillar decorations for the bags, and creative baby doll play. 

We were excited to meet and thank the staff for ALL that they do for OUR babies and moms in Milwaukee. On behalf of all of us who helped at our event, we thanked them for the millions of invisible acts of love, kindness, and heroism they perform daily in our great city.