Today we had a very special mission with the Thurston Woods fifth graders! In addition to creating Aurora Borealis art for the Clinton Rose Senior Center, we also welcomed Fox 6 News to our event.  The kids were all excited that other people in our city recognize the good work they’re doing! It’s neat to think that through this news segment, more people might learn about what we do at Toddlers and Kids on a Mission. We would absolutely love new members to the TOAM family but we also hope that people will see that reaching out into their community is completely doable (and essential). 

If there is one thing I consistently hear from our TOAM parents after a Reading Buddies event, it’s that they are overwhelmed by just how wonderful the Thurston Woods students are. It was evident today as soon as we entered the school. We were “officially” greeted by Student Council members and escorted down to our reading spot. Today, one parent told me that she hopes her children are as poised, kind, and thoughtful as the students she met.  I agree, they are shining role models for our young children and we are ever so grateful for our partnership with them. 

We give special thanks to Deandra Corinthios and Del Canon from Fox 6 News for joining us. Del, we wish you a happy retirement!


Here is the story that aired on the news: Do something that is important: Kids as young as toddlers learn the value of volunteering”