Last Sack Pack of Summer for All Peoples and Kids Working To Succeed

We completed our last mission for All Peoples Church and their Kids Working to Succeed program.  Since June, our children packed 180 lunches. They also made friends, learned about cooperation, and had fun! 

Chrissy, mom of Lucy and Olive, says it best:

My toddler really enjoys being helpful and having a task to complete. Packing lunch sacks is the perfect task for her little hands! I am so happy to have this opportunity to teach my little ones about how they can help others and make a difference. 

Thank you Lucy, Olive, and Chrissy and everyone who participated in our missions this summer! A gigantic thank you to All Peoples Church and Christ Church Whitefish Bay for warmly welcoming us into their projects. In August, TOAM will meet for a get-to-know-you playdate.  In September, we are looking into taking our first weekend “Learning Mission” at a Milwaukee facility. We’re also going crazy with a West-side, afternoon mission! October will bring our one year anniversary celebration and coat drive. In November, we will supply a Milwaukee pregnancy center with items for expectant mothers. 

All dates will be available in our emails. If you would like to join the list, please fill out a contact form.