Past Projects

Make a Difference Day 2019

“Make A Difference Day” was one of those days where the sequence of events was so perfect you just knew it was meant to be... KIC had two groups out to assist with fall cleanups around MKE. One group arrived to their planned location only to find the area had already been cleaned. This group ended up joining the Shorewood Community Center cleanup event, who unexpectedly had an extra property that needed tending to. The homeowner was in the hospital and the neighbor, who was dog sitting for him, came out to let the kids meet and pet his dog. Though a little scrambled to start, the day ended with the feeling a difference had been made for everyone involved 🧡

Hoop Houses – July 9

KIC partnered with Northwestern Mutual volunteers for another project at the Hoop Houses! Our five families were eager to learn about the produce grown in the hoop houses and ready to help out. We planted milkweed seeds in a field to attract butterflies to the grounds, painted tiles for the garden bed, took turns watering the flowers, and observed all the bugs at the Hoop Houses like pill bugs and caterpillars!