The Kids Working to Succeed Program at All Peoples Church is focused on sustainable gardening, education, building work ethic, and responsibility for Harambee neighborhood youth. They ask that community partners provide lunches for this program throughout the summer.

Toddlers and Kids on a Mission started helping out with the sack lunches in 2015 and on our garden tour today we were just amazed at how they’ve progressed in three summers. Last summer, APC asked for donations of paving stones and this year, we walked over a paved path that is built over 4 feet of rock layer that helps the gardens stay watered with absolutely 0% use of city water. Amazing.  Ms. Linda, our guide, taught us about rainwater collection, hoop houses, and companion planing. We even got to taste some raspberries and mint.

Thanks to the hard work of our families and especially the kids, we assembled 45 lunch bags in record time.