Inaugural TOAM Field Trip: Growing Power

Fish poop helps grow plants?!?!? 

Goat poop heats greenhouses?!?!

Worms make soil rich?!?!


These are just a few of the fun facts the kids learned today at Growing Power, a Milwaukee urban farm. On this beautiful, chilly Saturday morning, TOAM families went on their first “learning mission” (a.k.a. field trip) to learn about the farming that happens just down the road from us on Silver Spring Road. 

We feel so grateful that we were able to visit this fantastic Milwaukee establishment. Thank you, Growing Power for your patience with our rowdy group and for inspiring us to be more, do more, and reach more.

If people can grow safe, healthy, affordable food, if they have access to land and clean water, this is transformative on every level in a community. I believe we cannot have healthy communities without a healthy food system.

— Will Allen, founder of Growing Power

Lynn and Jean

Founders and Directors of TOAM